Archive | June, 2014

14: Star Wars spinoffs and Harrison Ford’s run is the BEST

A flurry of rumors and hirings have us looking deeper into the crystal ball than ever before. Can Warner Bros. really make three DC superhero movies A YEAR? Are we going to hear about their movie slate until 2019 at Comic-Con? How about over in the Star Wars camp – what’s going on with the […]

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13: The Force Is Strong With These Two

Big news actually broke while we recorded this episode – clearly, we have powers – which is that Ant-Man has a new director, and a new synopsis to boot. On the Star Wars front, we’re excited about the new female cast members, leading Justin to speculate (heavily) on one of their roles, before we debate whether JJ Abrams is […]

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Yawn of Justice

Superman v Batman has finally gotten an official title, and we’re not impressed by it – or by Zack Snyder’s ‘moody’ photography that gave us our first look at the Batsuit. Star Wars: Episode VII is actually FINALLY filming and better yet (!) Stephen may have tracked down Daisy Ridley’s Twitter account. Plus, the first Star Wars spin-off […]

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