15b: Marvel movies to 2019 (Take 2)

Do not adjust your podcast feed! Yes, this is still Episode 15, but with better leveling because some folks couldn’t hear Stephen. If you’ve already listened to this episode and enjoyed, then ignore this one! Otherwise, download and enjoy Stephen’s sultry tones in better quality. (And if you downloaded without realizing this… sorry.)

This is the big one, folks: Marvel have announced dates for movies all the way to 2019! We gaze into our crystal ball and name and date EVERY MOVIE from now to Avengers 3. Spoilers.

It’s also the week of Comic-Con, so in celebration we guess at all the announcements coming our way. Get your scorecards out folks, and see how we do!

Elsewhere, Justin has a near-aneurysm about the ‘V’ in Batman v Superman, and we cover newly-released plot details from Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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