21: Marvel Civil War! DC movies to 2020! Star Wars speculation!

ALL! THE! EXCLAMATION! POINTS! Our biggest and craziest cast yet! Captain America 3 could be subtitled… Civil War!! What does this mean for the MCU? For Avengers 3 – or 4? Who’ll be fighting whom – and over what?? We dive into the potential future of the MCU!

But wait, there’s more! Out of nowhere, ninja-sneak-attack style, Warner Bros. just mic-dropped their ENTIRE DC movie slate – all the way to 2020! We’ve got Justice League movies, solo movies and even a Suicide Squad flick (in a scant two years!). It’s the moment Justin’s been waiting for, folks – wind him up and off he goes.

We’re not done yet! As if all that wasn’t enough we have a treasure trove of Star Wars Episode VII concept art to pore over… and Stephen has come up with what might be the biggest spoiler of all – could this be the secret plot twist that changes Star Wars… forever?!?!

Phew. We need a lie down now. There, we’ll answer your tweets @NerdsWhoWait

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