Archive | February, 2015

28: Spider-Man! Spider-Man! Coming to Marvel, that’s Spider-Man!

Just when you thought the announcements couldn’t get much bigger… Marvel and Sony practically reduce fanboys the world over to tears with the news that Spider-Man will appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! But is this really all that great news? Of course it is. Nevertheless, we dissect the deal, talking about what this means […]

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27: A quick welcome to Spider-Man

“PAAAARKER! Get in here!” “Yes JJ? What’s the problem this time – Betty forget the sixth sugar in your coffee?” “It’s those MARVEL people again, Parker! This time they’re collaborating with Sony, of all studios – to make ANOTHER one of those wretched Spider-Man movies! Wasn’t five of these things enough for people? Haven’t they had […]

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26: Fant4stic Fun for 4ll

At last! We have a trailer for Fantastic Four! Or ‘The Fantastic Four!’ Or… Fant4stic? Anyway, moving pictures and everything! It’s time to talk tone and why this isn’t, apparently, Chronicle 2, despite Josh Trank. As well as this big new trailer release, we also paw through the ‘Big Game’ trailers to see if we […]

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