27: A quick welcome to Spider-Man

“PAAAARKER! Get in here!”

“Yes JJ? What’s the problem this time – Betty forget the sixth sugar in your coffee?”

“It’s those MARVEL people again, Parker! This time they’re collaborating with Sony, of all studios – to make ANOTHER one of those wretched Spider-Man movies! Wasn’t five of these things enough for people? Haven’t they had enough of that wallcrawling menace?”

“I guess some people like Spider-Man, JJ… at least, they keep buying tickets to those movies. Well, some people. I wasn’t sure about that British guy in the last couple, though.”

“Do I pay you for opinions on Hollywood, Parker? I do not! I pay you for pictures, and this is a story! Get out there! Find Donald Glover! Find Miles Teller! We need pics of them we can Photoshop! And most of all, FIND SPIDER-MAN! We need to know what he thinks of all this.”

“Oh, I’m pretty sure he’s used to the attention by now, JJ. But don’t worry. I got this.”


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