Archive | April, 2015

33: Animated Spider-Man, and the secret of Rogue One

With details on Star Wars Anthology (ugh) Rogue One sneaking into the end of Celebration last weekend, we couldn’t resist getting behind the mic to talk it out – plus a few new trailers and the announcement of a new, animated (!!) Spider-Man movie didn’t hurt either. And guess what happened this evening as I […]

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32: The Force Awakens and… do we bleed?

We thought Star Wars Celebration would bring the goodies and BOY OH BOY did it! A new teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, enough to keep us on the edge of our seats and perhaps even bring a tear to our eyes. But wait! What could THIS be? That’s right, the very first […]

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31: The Furious Summer Revs Up

VRRRM VRRRRRRMM! With Furious 7 blasting to the top of the box office, it looks like summer 2015 is already shaping up – as we long predicted – to be one of the biggest movie summers on record! As well as geeking out about new trailers for Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation and Max Max Fury Road, we […]

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