36: Terminator vs Terminator, Solo goes Solo and Inside Out

It’s the battle of two Terminators that you’ve seen so many times before – two opinions about Terminator: Genisys that is, as Skynet travels back in time and apparently shows Stephen a better movie than Justin saw. Witness this clash of two CGI-created creatures who cannot die! We also wax lyrical (well, we talk) about Inside Out, preview a little bit of Comic-Con (this week!!) and of course, spend a bunch of time talking about the surprise (or was it, we were planning to record after all) news of a SOLO (HAN) SOLO movie!!

Thanks to John ‘@Protofoe’ Pinnick and John ‘@noherouk’ Nicholson for their dulcet tones in voicemails. More always welcome! Thanks also to Leo Lanzoni and Dom Fahey for additional Twitter questions. Ask us anything anytime @NerdsWhoWait

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