41: Did we say ‘final’ Star Wars trailer? Ahem

Hey, we were told it was the final trailer! Okay? We just didn’t expect, well, Japan. And TV spot(s). And of course, we never anticipate Entertainment Weekly shipping a double issue two days after we record. Although we should. Anyway, we’ll get to that next time… this episode we dive headfirst into another thimble of cinematic entertainment, remarkably managing to splashdown in the tiny surface area of an ‘international’ (AKA: Japanese) trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. New footage! New revelations, for those who’ve been paying attention (ie us!). On top of that, we dissect the new TV spot for… well, the same movie. Can we stretch 2 minutes of footage into an hour long discussion? Pretty much!

That’s not all, though. The release of the trailer for Warcraft, another quite anticipated movie next year, has us talking about the expectations of videogame adaptations, the long process to bring Warcraft to the screen, and whether giant cartoony orcs can really work in a serious story. It’s deep, man.

All this plus your questions – and finally – the long-awaited announcement of our official ‘store’! Woooo! You’ll have to listen to find out where it is though. Or, you know, visit us on Facebook. The usual.

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