Archive | December, 2015

44: Star Wars: The Force Awakens… IS HERE!

An epic movie deserves an epic podcast! In our longest episode EVER, we feel the Force in the geekiest way possible by pulling apart, putting back together and generally rubbing ourselves affectionately against Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. IT’S FINALLY HERE!! While we didn’t have time to comb 43 previous episodes for either […]

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43: Batman v Superman trailer… the verdict!

Well, that happened. The second giant trailer for Batman v Superman: Totally Just a Prequel to Justice League has arrived, and it’s… divisive! Who thinks it’s a ‘disaster’? Who ‘reluctantly’ found themselves liking it? Who thinks it’s especially suited to the blind? Find out in this big ol’ episode. Plus! A few more tidbits from […]

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42: Civil War!! The Force Awakens primer and… Batman unmasked!

Stricken by colds, we rise from our sick beds to bring you an episode jam-packed with INFORMATION! SPECULATION! And a few CUSS WORDS (but you know, the PG variety). With The Force Awakens about two-and-a-bit-weeks away (HOLY COW) we talk in detail about everything important that’s happened in ‘official canon’ but off-screen since Return of […]

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