42: Civil War!! The Force Awakens primer and… Batman unmasked!

Stricken by colds, we rise from our sick beds to bring you an episode jam-packed with INFORMATION! SPECULATION! And a few CUSS WORDS (but you know, the PG variety). With The Force Awakens about two-and-a-bit-weeks away (HOLY COW) we talk in detail about everything important that’s happened in ‘official canon’ but off-screen since Return of the Jedi. There’s more than you think!

After that it’s time to dive into the first full trailer for Captain America: Civil War! Surprise, it’s actually a Captain America movie! Loads to talk about here, most importantly the Red Tiles.

Finally as we were recording (I kid you not) a teaser for a new Batman vs Superman trailer dropped. Unfortunately we couldn’t delay to the full trailer, but don’t worry! Justin was quite prepared to rant about the 49s of new footage we got. Oooh, he gets mad this time.

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