44: Star Wars: The Force Awakens… IS HERE!

An epic movie deserves an epic podcast! In our longest episode EVER, we feel the Force in the geekiest way possible by pulling apart, putting back together and generally rubbing ourselves affectionately against Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. IT’S FINALLY HERE!! While we didn’t have time to comb 43 previous episodes for either laughably stupid theories or dead-on predictions, we do spend plenty of time talking about what’s actually here, now, in front of us. Join us for the celebration!

But wait, quite a few of you have! We’re delighted to host loads of voicemails in this episode, with some excellent reactions and fantastic theorizing. We have taught you well, young Padawans. Thank you to everyone who called in! Remember you can call in anytime via NerdsWhoWait.com.

This movie is easily the most anticipated we’ve ever talked about, and we’re so glad it delivered, and that we got to share that moment with you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for listening. But don’t worry! We’re not done yet! Here’s to 2016… and beyond!

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