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46: Suicide Squad looks… fun? Wait, what?

It’s 2016 and that means we’re officially in the grimdark future of superhero movies. Their lean, hungry bodies roam the city, searching for victims to feast upon like crappy vampires in a paranormal romance book. They’re depressing. They’re bleached out. They’re… wait, does Suicide Squad look like it might be fun? This does not compute. […]

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45: The Movies of 2016!!

Look at the calendar!! It’s 2016, people and that means… a whole new year of movies to anticipate! Yaaay! It’s time to compile a MASSIVE list of movies and get excited and/or snark about them for a good, long while. Including! Deadpool! Captain America: Civil War! WarCraft! Assassin’s Creed! Batman v Superman blah-de-blah-blah! X-Men: Apocalypse! […]

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