47: A special ‘hard-R’ Deadpool… special

Yes, because apparently all a movie needs to be successful these days is wall to wall profanity, violence and sex, we bring you all three! It’s a ‘hard R’ from the off as Justin and Stephen disrobe, shoot a few random people and swear like people who swear a lot while we talk Deadpool! The Merc with a lot of Money!

Apart from Hollywood’s newest ‘hot thing’ (Hard R superhero movies – they’re so hot right now) we also pull apart the brittle shell of the final (?) Batman v Superman trailer and get to the soft, gooey center within PLUS we talk about 10 seconds of Mark Hamill’s magnificent beard, which we’re told will be a contender for best Supporting Actor in 2018. Oh and some Episode VIII casting and Rogue One for good measure.

Enjoyed? Then tell us! Find us at @NerdsWhoWait on Twitter and Facebook. Shout-outs to Matt, Bex and John for voicemails this episode!

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