49: Batman v Superman. Oh. Dear.

Well, that happened.

After almost three years of waiting, after 48 episodes and countless hours of talking about it… Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is here. And we saw it. And we have some thoughts. There’s a reason this is an ‘Explicit’ episode. Over 2 hours of chat! Almost all of it about BvS, our reactions, our questions, our disbelief, our laughter, our tears. We also talk about what’s next for the DCCU, and whether any course correction might be needed from the WB bridge. It’s our second-biggest episode ever for probably our second-most anticipated film. Featuring special guest Kristin!

While we have you here, we’d love to know what you thought of the episode and of Batman v Superman! Talk to us on Twitter @NerdsWhoWait, leave us a voicemail via the site or find us on Facebook. Just like Bernie Sanders, we have white hair and like birds, so you’ll like us.

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