50: Rogue One! Dr Strange! Civil War! We’re 50!

Can you believe it? They found a Star Wars movie we’ve never seen! We know! It was behind the back of the sofa! Apparently they made it in about 1985 and never told anyone! It’s like a prequel before a prequel! Can you tell we were knocked out by the Rogue One trailer??!

Yes, we’re mighty impressed by the first Rogue One visuals but Doctor Strange? Maybe not so much for Strange’s namesake (that’s Stephen, nerd). Talking Strange segues nicely into Civil War frothing, the inevitable swing by Batman v Superman and other… well, stuff.

And can you believe it? 50 episodes. 50! I’ve spent less time on the toilet in the last year than I have doing this podcast. But unlike my time on the loo the cast is actually fun! Here’s to another 50, nerds. As long as you keep listening, we’ll keep waiting with you!

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