51: We are mostly civil about Civil War

The war is over! And we all won. What a result, eh? Yes, once again Marvel has raised the bar for superhero movies, and the question is, how bloody high can this bar go people? Listen as Stephen confuses pole vaulting and high jump in a ‘bar related’ metaphor that goes too far… and then we dive into Captain America: Civil War. What did we like? What did we like a little less? What did we hate? One line of dialogue. BUT WHICH ONE? You’ll have to listen.

Shout-outs to Dom Fahey, Mat Ward and Joel Thomas for the voicemails, and questions from Leo Lanzoni and HolyHeadShot, all of which we answer. And stay tuned to the VERY end for an important mission we want your help with, regarding the future (Oooooh) of the podcast!

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