52: X-Men Apocalypse Now

Considering we were told by the Anti-Mutant-Biased-Liberal-Mainstream-Media (or AMBiLiMaMe for short) that X-Men: Apocalypse was a big ol’ bag of rubbish, we went in with low expectations. Perhaps that helped? We both had a good time, and talking about the past, present and future of the X-Men on screen takes up an hour. An hour! It’s almost like it’s Star Wars.

Speaking of that, we talk about those Rogue One reshoot rumors (or RORR for short) that have been getting everyone anxious; we chat DC Comics, Geoff Johns and their whole ‘Rebirth’ thing, and how it might apply to the movies, which is an excuse for Justin to swear a lot; and last but not least, we talk a little about the breaking news that Brie ‘Who?’ Larson may be cast as Captain Marvel. Hopefully by the time this is live, she won’t have already filmed the movie.

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