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55: DC vs Marvel at Comic-Con 2016 – Justice League, Wonder Woman and more!

Forget Batman v Superman, DC vs Marvel is the big showdown we want to see! Comic-Con is the battlefield and we are the field reporters! DC brought their big guns to San Diego and Marvel responded with their own salvoes. But who emerged victorious? Who came away licking their wounds? Who bothered to release their […]

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54: Of women, and the busting of ghosts

So Comic-Con is happening right now. But also, Donald Trump – yeah that guy from Gremlins 2 – could become the next President and I don’t think aliens will invade to save us. Black is white. White is racist. The sky is falling. MASS HYSTERIA. So it makes sense to record a cast, right? This […]

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53: Sequel Resurgence – ID4-2, Rogue One and more

After Justin suffered a tragic brain flip while watching a terrible movie (Spoiler: we talk about it this episode) he fell into a deep coma, only awakening recently. After shouting “What year is it? Who’s the President??” and then muttering something about being ‘too early’, we managed to strap him down long enough to make […]

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