53: Sequel Resurgence – ID4-2, Rogue One and more

After Justin suffered a tragic brain flip while watching a terrible movie (Spoiler: we talk about it this episode) he fell into a deep coma, only awakening recently. After shouting “What year is it? Who’s the President??” and then muttering something about being ‘too early’, we managed to strap him down long enough to make a new podcast. So here we are.

In the month we’ve been away we’ve had NEWS! Well, a bit. So we talk about it! Rogue One, what’s the deal with that guy who was in The Clone Wars and is now Forrest Whittaker? How about Suicide Squad and their latest? And of course, we saw a movies, like Finding Dory – one of the few sequels apparently not to suck this summer, while everything else is hot garbage, says Hollywood. And us, as it happens.

Finally we get down to talking about Ghostbusters, which by some miracle is already out in the UK! Are you afraid of no ghost? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook; just look for Nerds Who Wait.

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