54: Of women, and the busting of ghosts

So Comic-Con is happening right now. But also, Donald Trump – yeah that guy from Gremlins 2 – could become the next President and I don’t think aliens will invade to save us. Black is white. White is racist. The sky is falling. MASS HYSTERIA. So it makes sense to record a cast, right?

This time out we dive into the genre-gender-busting of the new Ghostbusters and see if we come out unscathed. Of course we also talk Star Wars Celebration, glom on to some early (and breaking!) Comic-Con news and last but not least, uncover a potential conspiracy at the heart of Batman v Superman, courtesy of a voicemail from Adrian.

Rest assured: if crazy news comes out of Comic-Con this weekend (and it probably will!) we’ll get back behind the mic to talk about it. In the meantime tell us what you thought of the episode via Twitter and Facebook @NerdsWhoWait

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