66: LIVE and RAW like Eddie Murphy I guess?

YES we went LIVE this episode and because I am LAZY the episode is, umm, let’s say ‘raw’. In other words, you’re about to hear the untouched audio from our LIVE video BROADCAST. I don’t know WHY I am now SHOUTING every few words.

Anyway. If you want to stare at us staring at each other (no, not like that; well sometimes like that) for (surprise!) the exact same length of time as this audio file you can do so on our Facebook Page, at https://www.facebook.com/NerdsWhoWait/

If you wanted to, you could listen to this audio while watching the video with the sound turned down, and like, sync it up? That could be cool I guess.

REGARDLESS (whoops) this is an episode heavy with the fruits of Comic-Con, D23, etc etc etc. Was fun! Enjoy! It’ll be more polished next time I promise.

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