68: The Last Jedi trailer, Justice League and OH that other thing

We’re back, only a little late and we even had a good reason – we waited (deliberately!) for the trailer for The Last Jedi. And Pacific Rim: Uprising. And, yeah, that other movie with the people in the costumes.

In the week we waited, however, Hollywood started to implode around one of the biggest (and frankly, most loathsome) scandals to break in decades. So yeah. That’s the OTHER thing. And joining us to talk about that (and movies, duh) is Jill Pantozzi, The Nerdy Bird herself. Jill’s insight is absolutely fantastic and we’re deeply happy she decided to join us. Come on back, Jill!

We absolutely intended to talk Blade Runner this episode but ran long – we will get back to it, rest assured. Until then, send us a tweet or something!

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