70a: Believing in Justice (League) – Re-edit

NOTE: This is the fixed, re-edit version of the episode. Sorry if you heard the mess before.


(If you read the episode title a la Ron Burgundy, I think it works better.)

It’s finally time to assemble the League! After far, far too many hours spent discussing, debating, hoping, praying and swearing about Justice League, we’ve only both gone and seen it. If you follow us on Twitter (@NerdsWhoWait) you probably already know that (GASP!) Stephen liked it, but as for Justin? Wellllll we do talk for an hour sooooo….

Oh we answer questions too! So yay!

This episode brought to you by an iMac, a Mac, a PC, Zencastr (Fuck them), Forklift, an MP3, Audacity, an early morning, a missing 10 seconds and an eagle-eyed Adam Seabury.

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