79: Erm… Comic-Con! Happened!

Whoa. This is what happens when you wait a month, etc etc. Look, as we clearly establish early on, you don’t listen to us because we’re punctual…!

Loads to cover here and we get to just about everything in a massive, ear-busting two-and-almost-a-half-hours of wordiness. Star Wars Episode IX with Carrie Fisher! Everything DC at Comic-Con, including loads on Shazam, Aquaman and God help us all, Titans! Godzilla: King of Monsters with non-understanding Godzilla person Stephen! Venom! Spider-Man animated! And last but not least, we even talk Terminator 6, AKA the one where Mackenzie Davis got ridiculously super-buff!!

Aaaaand that’s not all! That takes us (almost exactly) to the 1hr30m mark, and then we’re into movies we’ve actually seen – conveniently located at the end of the ‘cast so you can avoid spoilers and there are SPOILERS for Ant-Man and the Wasp, Skyscraper (ooh dear) and of course the latest Tom Cruise snuff pic, Mission: Impossible – Fallout! Oh man, what a movie.

And what a cast! We had a great time with this one and hope you do too. Sincerely. Honestly. I’m holding your hands and looking deep into your eyes. Don’t move. It’ll get less creepy in a second. Okay. There. No, wait. There. Yeeeeaaaah.

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