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70a: Believing in Justice (League) – Re-edit

NOTE: This is the fixed, re-edit version of the episode. Sorry if you heard the mess before.   (If you read the episode title a la Ron Burgundy, I think it works better.) It’s finally time to assemble the League! After far, far too many hours spent discussing, debating, hoping, praying and swearing about Justice […]

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22: Every Marvel Phase 3 movie revealed – oh, and a Star Wars title

Finally we’re talking Phase 3 for Marvel, after the massive reveals in their recent ‘Marvel Event’ (snappy name guys) – Doctor Strange! Black Panther! Captain Marvel! Inhumans! A two-part Avengers: Infinity War movie (!!). Oh, it may be too much for our hearts to take. But that’s not all! We’re joined by Jonathan ‘Weezul’ Long […]

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21: Marvel Civil War! DC movies to 2020! Star Wars speculation!

ALL! THE! EXCLAMATION! POINTS! Our biggest and craziest cast yet! Captain America 3 could be subtitled… Civil War!! What does this mean for the MCU? For Avengers 3 – or 4? Who’ll be fighting whom – and over what?? We dive into the potential future of the MCU! But wait, there’s more! Out of nowhere, […]

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