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74: Is Solo solid? Or is Star Wars soiled?

All sorts of Star Wars stuff this time out, from the first trailer for Solo to the possibility of multiple trilogies / series running at the same time… can we cope with all of it? Plus we talk about the best and worst of the Superbowl trailers and prepare ourselves for Black Panther!

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67: Solo and the Bandit?

The sight of a mineshaft elevator door is enough to fuel half the episode, along with Smokey and the Bandit spurring the other half. We’ve got this all worked out, people. It’s an unfocused return to form as we try to figure out what we’ve seen, why we’re here, and the meaning of movie life.

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28: Spider-Man! Spider-Man! Coming to Marvel, that’s Spider-Man!

Just when you thought the announcements couldn’t get much bigger… Marvel and Sony practically reduce fanboys the world over to tears with the news that Spider-Man will appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! But is this really all that great news? Of course it is. Nevertheless, we dissect the deal, talking about what this means […]

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