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79: Erm… Comic-Con! Happened!

Whoa. This is what happens when you wait a month, etc etc. Look, as we clearly establish early on, you don’t listen to us because we’re punctual…! Loads to cover here and we get to just about everything in a massive, ear-busting two-and-almost-a-half-hours of wordiness. Star Wars Episode IX with Carrie Fisher! Everything DC at […]

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61: Batmans and Logans and Kongs

Wow, we saw some movies! Come for the movie news, stay for thoughts on The LEGO Batman Movie, Logan and Kong: Skull Island. Summer’s here already, crikey! Get yourself to the movies for a good time, people. Apart from all that we talk Wonder Woman, Baby Driver, Atomic Blonde and even some Iron Fist.

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