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61: Batmans and Logans and Kongs

Wow, we saw some movies! Come for the movie news, stay for thoughts on The LEGO Batman Movie, Logan and Kong: Skull Island. Summer’s here already, crikey! Get yourself to the movies for a good time, people. Apart from all that we talk Wonder Woman, Baby Driver, Atomic Blonde and even some Iron Fist.

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60: We haven’t seen, like, any movies

… and the one we have seen, we actually don’t talk about in the end (Split: it’s good until it’s really not). So instead this time we’re mostly talking trailers, how March is the new summer, how Netflix is crushing it in original content (but is that good for movies?) and finally, I manage to […]

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55: DC vs Marvel at Comic-Con 2016 – Justice League, Wonder Woman and more!

Forget Batman v Superman, DC vs Marvel is the big showdown we want to see! Comic-Con is the battlefield and we are the field reporters! DC brought their big guns to San Diego and Marvel responded with their own salvoes. But who emerged victorious? Who came away licking their wounds? Who bothered to release their […]

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