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63: Thor vs The Last Jedi

We’re back to talk Thor, The Last Jedi. I mean Thor, and the Last Jedi. No, no. Two separate things. They’re not like, together. Although you know Thor AS the Last Jedi would be pretty cool right? I mean, ditch Mjolnir for a lightsaber. Looks like he needs a new one anyway eh? Anyway, we […]

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60: We haven’t seen, like, any movies

… and the one we have seen, we actually don’t talk about in the end (Split: it’s good until it’s really not). So instead this time we’re mostly talking trailers, how March is the new summer, how Netflix is crushing it in original content (but is that good for movies?) and finally, I manage to […]

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59: The Last Jedi; it’s singular and plural y’see

Woah we’re back! Just like that! What it totally hasn’t been a month YOU shut up. Tonight, or this morning, or whenever you listen to this we get into it over DC’s latest round of dumb-ass decisions, talk about Jedi and Jedi, discuss a few other random things and sniff. Quite a bit. Sorry about […]

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